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The way to gain advantage in today's competitive environment is to rapidly address customer's needs. In consideration of this fact, companies need to use information technologies effectively in order to attract their customers fast.

Hitech provides its customers with professional solutions in order for them to collect their information in physical infrastructure environments, to host them securely in the storage units, and to process and transmit them without loss and without interruption.


Hitech offers comprehensive information system infrastructure solutions mainly on server and data storage, starting from consultancy to system support/ maintenance.


Going beyond being an environment of information exchange, thanks to the increasing Internet use, and rapid developments in internet access technologies, corporate network structures acquire a more complex framework, turning them now into a platform for carrying on a business. The way to get an edge over in this platform is to have a solid and impeccably working IT infrastructure.

Hitech provides services in the area of setting up and operating these networks, from consultancy and outsourcing services over all kinds of communication infrastructures, to turn-key network structures.


The most important way to gain a competitive advantage in this platform is to acquire a strong and reliable infrastructure.

As the certificated solution partner of various known technology brands, Hitech establishes the setting up of the corporate business networks, and its solutions on these networks with high added values by its expert teams throughout the country.


Nowadays telephone switchboards are essential tools of communication. Today almost all businesses are using IP or Analog telephone switchboards. IP telephone communication is a technology that allows voice communication to be transmitted through IP networks.

An IP structure allows for bringing together the several locations or offices of a business with their mobile employees in a single, integrated network.


With its low current solutions, Hitech supports its customers in the sub-areas like Fire Sensing, CCTV, Access Control, Speaker Systems, and Nurse Call Systems within in an integrated platform. Collaborating with world’s leading brands in this area as well, Hitech combines their products with its experience and technical expertise, and addresses its customers’ needs in the most appropriate way.


Technological developments allow for remote monitoring, security control through IP-based devices, and live image transfer over the Internet. Aside from the IP-based multimedia solutions specific to the sector, with Hitech, it is possible to make the image transferring of all operations that are designed as alternatives to classic alarm and closed circuit display systems, on an IP environment through a single unit.

Hitech provides solutions in these areas with products of various brands and selections.


According to our point of view on security as Hitech, solutions that will be established with storing/archiving, and managing information in the right environment is just as crucial for information security as access security. In order to avoid all of such potential problems, and to confidently get prepared for the future, it is extremely important to set up the infrastructure and policies towards information and access security today.
Hitech security engineers offer positioning of the security products for our customers, as well consultancy in security processes and policies. This way, the IT risk management of institutions receives support, as well.


Hitech offers innovative, fast, active and competitive software solutions to institutions. In this way it provides structures that prepare the basis for an accurate decision-making that influences the business processes and help them increase their competitive power. Thanks to the consultancy and application methodologies that are developed in order to expedite the software adaptation of the institutions, it achieves a high level in satisfying institutional expectations. Hitech develops sAYolutions towards the particular requests of the users, aside from release renewals in the software area.


Recently encountered crises and problems in the energy sector had led the researchers to the topic of lighting. According to the general view, the accepted lighting rate is based on the 20% of the total electric consumption. Accordingly, lightning constitutes a large expense item.

In this regard, Hitech offers its customers the opportunity to save up to 60% with interior and exterior lighting products that use LED Technology. It provides free projects and etudes specific to your needs.


There are alternative models of service in accordance with the customer’s needs, such as contractual, guaranteed, periodical maintenance, call-based on-site or call support.

Response criteria of the Service Level Agreements in Support Services can be on-site, remote, through phone call, and 7/24, 365 days, if requested. The expert staff of the support units throughout the country is capable of responding to the malfunctions and emergency cases within 2 hours, and resolve technical problems within 4 hours.